Donaţie prin PayPal is a social project that supports and promotes local producers. As part of our activities, we launched several campaigns to support producers from various business areas. Among them, there is the campaign Drumul Fructelor that support local agricultural producers, Drumul Laptelui, an awareness-raising campaign on the consumption of milk and dairy products, Moldova Incognita, a new project that promotes the development of local tourism, as well as many other activities and events. Our campaigns and activities have proven useful for both local producers and consumers, and the number of our supporters is steadily increasing. We plan to continue these campaigns and launch new events that will benefit Moldova and its people, but we need your support to cover the costs associated with their organization. Support local producers and make a donation for a good cause!

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If you want to make a donation and to support the events and campaigns launched by project, you can also choose the option of monthly donations. There are five types of donations (2, 5, 10, 25 or 50 US dollars per month). There is a possibility to cancel this option at any time.

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