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Moldovan brand MOVE has released a new timeless collection, filled with transparent art and hand-painted silk. The collection tells a story about the adventures of nymphs, fascinated by the beauty of nature. Emotions and deep feelings are embodied in the picturesque landscapes painted on transparent fabrics.

The collection is dominated by silk and cotton fabrics. For the most important moments of life, there are offered unique and delicate dresses. Being transparent, they can be easily combined with different styles of clothing.

The recently released video "Wicked Fairytale" is dedicated to this particular collection.

The essence of the MOVE brand lies in the idea of ​​“Wearable Art”, and according to designer Lilia Surdu by approaching the concept of Slow Fashion, she created a series of seasonal outfits. The creation of outfits took a lot of time, so each piece of clothing became a work of art.

MOVE brand creates real silk, hand-painted clothing for all art lovers. The products can be purchased in Chisinau, Paris and Milan.