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Location: Congaz village, Gagauzia (130 km from Chişinău)

Active since: November 2018

Opened: all year round (advance booking, for groups of minimum 4-6 persons)

Accommodation capacity: 6 rooms in the new house and 4 rooms in restored archaic houses (total accommodation capacity 20-23 persons)

Accommodation price: 700-2000 lei per person with breakfast included, depending on the room

Restaurant: traditional Gagauz dishes, pre-ordering

Facilities: banquet hall, conference room (100-200 seats)

Activities: culinary workshops (traditional Gagauz cuisine, winemaking), Gagauz wine tasting with cheese and Kavurma, visits to the sheepfold and milking of the sheep, opportunity to be a part of a traditional wedding (pre-ordering), picking of grapes and fruits, rest on therapeutic mattresses made of sheep wool, traditional lamb bones game, opportunity to try traditional wedding dresses from 60-70 years ago, opportunity to plan a traditional Gagauzian wedding.