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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova (CCI) presented the results of the National Exhibition "Made in Moldova" in 2019 and, together with the State Agency for Intellectual Property (SAIP), announced the competitions Trademark of the Year 2018” and “Award for achievements in quality 2018 ".

The XVIIth edition of the National Exhibition “Made in Moldova” in 2019, was attended by about 53 thousand people, including visitors from Romania, France, Latvia, Holland, Belgium, Great Britain, Pakistan and Italy. During the exhibition, more than 60 cooperation agreements and agreements of intent between local economic agents and representatives from abroad were initiated. Most of the contracts were concluded with companies operating in the field of canning fruits and vegetables, packaging, textiles, services, etc.

450 economic agents representing the food industry, winemaking, furniture industry, light industry, machinery and equipment, research institutes, artisans and others, presented their products and services on an area of over 4,680 sq.m. At the same time, during the exhibition, there were organized 11 business events that gathered about 1,450 people.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moldova and the GAIS also announced the launching of two major competitions for moldovan producers.

The 16th edition of the contest “Trademark of the Year 2018” will gather companies and organizations with various forms of ownership, legal entities registered in the Republic of Moldova, as well as individuals who produce tangible goods and / or provide services. Only trademarks (national and foreign), which at the time of registration, operate on the territory of the Republic of Moldova in accordance with the law, are allowed to take part in the competition.

Participants will compete for the main prize - the Golden Mercury, as well as for gold, silver and bronze medals.

This edition of the competition includes 13 nominations and 11 categories:

1. Nomination for consumer criteria: "Consumer Assessment" and "Local Brand";
2. Nominations for professionalism criteria: the nomination "Debut of the Year"; "Export"; “Inter” “Socially Responsible Brand”; "Renowned Brand"; Closed nomination "Reputation and Trust"; Nomination "Rebranding"; "Woman in Business"; “Leader of the Year”, “Important Contribution to Sustainable Development” and “SME Favorite of the Year”.

Another contest “Award for achievements in quality of goods and services” is aimed at identifying companies that have successfully implemented quality management and promote modern approaches to quality. The competition will gather micro and small enterprises with a staff of up to 49 people and annual incomes of up to 25 million lei; medium-sized enterprises with a staff of 49 to 249 employees and an annual income of more than 50 million lei; large enterprises with more than 249 employees (with the exception of enterprises holding natural monopoly positions) and an annual income of more than 50 million дei, as well as enterprises holding natural monopoly positions, and enterprises declared dominant in the relevant markets, in accordance with the local legislation.

Participants will be awarded in accordance with established criteria, such as high-quality performance results; increase in value for the consumer; management based on strategic orientation, incentive and responsibility; establishing of partnerships; promotion of creativity and innovation; procedural management; success based on staff management; promotion of creativity and innovation and, of course, responsibility for sustainable development. The main prize of the competition is the Goddess of Quality.

The winners of the competitions will be awarded in May this year at the event Moldovan Business Gala.

Applications can be submitted before April 1, 2019 to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Stefan cel Mare bd., 151, 2nd floor, of. 9; Tel / fax: 022 21-07-25, e-mail: carolina.chiper@chamber.md.

Details on tenders, regulations and application forms can be found on the CCI website.