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The second edition of the "Say Cheese Day", an event dedicated to cheeses and cheese products made in Moldova was held in the village of Horodiste, in Rezina district. It was organized the Madein.md project in partnership with the Association of Franco-Moldovan Solidarity "Vent d'Est", with the support of the Association for Regional Cooperation within the framework of the "MILK" project.

As it was established a year ago, the event was organized with the aim of promoting domestic producers, encouraging the consumption of cheeses made in Moldova and promoting the active tourism.

The holiday brought together about 400 guests from the country and from abroad, who discovered a large variety of cheese products manufactured in Moldova. The participants had the opportunity to try a wide range of cheeses from 15 domestic producers.

Producers who were present at the event:

1. Vent D'Est (Tome and Reblochon cheeses);
2. Sălaşul Baciului (Pecorino (11 and 24 months maturation), Pecorino in wine (30 days maturation) and Caciotta);
3. Public Association "Dancu Tabita" (Gouda, Gouda favorite, Geak classic, Geak piquant, Cheddar classic);
4. SA Fabrica de unt din Floreşti - Milk Mark (Dutch 45%, Poshekhon 45%, Russian 50%, cheese "de Basarabia" 30%, melted cheese "Delicioasă" 30%);
5. GT Hajajra Natalia/UAPA (several types of goat cheese);
6. Vilador (goat cheese «de Măgura»).

Producers who indirectly took part in the event by providing products for the tasting:

7. SA JLC (regular suluguni, smoked suluguni, Codru cheese, classic melted cheese, melted cheese with bacon, melted cheese with mushrooms);
8. VC Saturn-13 SRL / BraviLacta (cheese "Andrieş", mozzarella, mozzarella for pizza, melted cheese);
9. Lactis SA (Dutch cheese, Gouda);
10. Lactalis Alba / Soroca (Dutch cheese, Russian cheese, smoked cream cheese "Basarabia", melted cheese with cream, melted cheese with bacon);
11. MET SA PRODUSE IMPEX SRL / De Drochia (cheese "de Drochia" Fresh 35%, cheese "de Drochia" Royal 35%, cheese "de Drochia" 35% (Feta), Mozzarella 35%;);
12.Ferma cu Origini SRL / Fresco Latte (Mozzarella; Ricotta; Provola; Scamorza; Canestrato; Burrat, Mozzarella for pizza and butter);
13. IP Oganes Vardanean (semi-hard cheese "Liada", semi-hard cheese "Arthur");
14. Avacon - Prim SRL (classic and smoked suluguni);
15. SA Fabrica de brinzeturi Cahul (Estonian cheese 45%, Tezaur cheese 40%, Moldovan salted branza).

Therefore, the guests of the event had a unique opportunity to try a wide range of industrial and artisan cheeses and cheese products. Many of the present manufacturers are still unknown to domestic consumers, who for the first time learned that Moldovans make cheeses using Italian, Dutch, French or Armenian technologies. All these products have been presented during several tastings called Cheese & Wine Pairing, as well as in the framework of a large final tasting.

In addition to promoting local producers, Say Cheese Day was also conceived with the aim of supporting rural tourism: there were organized trips to the Tipova waterfalls, as well as wagon rides through the village of Horodiste. The guests of the event had the opportunity to relax, spend time in nature and discover the beautiful landscapes near this picturesque village.

There was also a lot entertainment and games for children and adults.

Madein.md project would like to thank other local producers, who were our partners on "Say Cheese Day 2018":

Bianti, who provided us with nuts, almonds and raisins for tasting;

Furnaki, who provided us with 2 kinds of artisan bread (wheat and rye);

Ewig who gave us noodles made from domestic eggs. The noodles were served with cheese during lunch.

Tehnorol, who provided us with disposable dishes;

Wine school and its representative Anastasia Sara, which we thank for the lessons of Cheese & Wine Pairing;

Momente.md who provided us with the sound system;

The brand Unicorn, which, in addition to tasting, had the opportunity to sell wines during the event;

Other wine producers: Doina vin, Pelican Negru, Vinuri de Comrat, Gogu, Maurt and Apriori.

"Say Cheese Day" event was organized in order to emphasize the great variety of domestic producers and to promote the development of rural and adventure tourism in Moldova.

Here is a photoreport made by Madein.md team at the event. The full gallery can be visualized on our facebook page.