• Mobvaro-M

    Mobvaro-M LLC

  • Location mun. Chișinău,  str. Calea Ieșilor 10 , etajul 1, oficiul 109
  • Founded 2001
  • Phone +373 22023005
  • Products

    Soft furniture, kitchen furniture

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The company offers customized mattresses of various sizes


The factory started its activities on the initiative of Mr. Valeriu Benderski, the founder and director of the company. Today, the company has 120 employees who produce furniture for 70% of wholesalers and furniture stores throughout Moldova. More than 500 models with a 50-color palette from high-quality materials are produced.The company is constantly developing and improving technology.

All products pass quality control at the enterprise. Warranty on the products vary from 24 to 60 months.

The use of European equipment and expensive raw materials allows to achieve high quality. European technologies allow to produce standard and non-standard products of any size.
Regular customers are popular hotels, rest homes, medical facilities, state-owned enterprises. The company cooperates with individuals and organizations.

It produces mattresses, sofas, beds for bedrooms, kitchens, kitchen corners, banquettes, etc.



Company Stores

  • Chisinau, 91 Calea Ieșilor Street, Creator (MobiMall)
  • Balti, 27 N. Iorga Street
  • Chisinau, 4 Calea Moșilor Street

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