• Jora de Mijloc

    Jora de Mijloc LLC

  • Location s. Jora de Mijloc, r. Orhei
  • Founded 2006
  • Phone +373 00000000
  • Products

    Apricots, plums, apples, cherries


A family business run by entrepreneur Mihail Savin. They grow the following fruit trees:
Apricots (А1, А2, А42, Rainbow, Nadezhda, Krasnoshcheky, etc.). Harvest period: beginning of June - end of July;
Plums (Stanley, President, Impeso, Grosa di Felisio, etc.). Harvest period: from July to September;
Cherry (Meteor, Pandi, etc.) Harvesting period: June 20 - early July;
Apples (Gold, Simirenko, Gala, etc.). Harvesting period: August 20 - Mid September.



Rusia, Belarus, Romania, Ukraine


Safety certificate for plant origin foodstuffs issued by ANSA.

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